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Our machines

Our large and up-to-date machinery allow machining of many different materials.Max size for product is about 500mm. We create products for one piece to thousands of units.

Turning machines

Daewoo Puma 8UHS
Bar feeder: EMT Super 80
max. turning diameter: 330mm
max. turning length: 400mm
max. rod diameter: 51mm
Daewoo Puma 250MB

Bar feeder: EMT Super 80
equipped with rolling tools (6pcs)
max. turning diameter: 355mm
max. turning length: 650mm
max. rod diameter: 75mm
Daewoo Puma 12L-C

Bar feeder: Sameca Multisam 6.80
max. turning diameter: 480mm
max. turning length: 1020mm
max. rod diameter: 117mm
Goodway GS-260

Bar feeder: Iemca Master 880/33 MP, equipped with rolling tools
max. turning diameter: 400mm
max. turning length: 600mm
max. rod diameter in rod work 65mm
Tagisawa TP-3
Mori Seiki NLX 2500SY

Rolling tools, C- and Y-axels and opposite arbor on C-axel
max. turning diameter: 366mm
max. turning lenght: 705mm
max. rod diameter: 80mm

Machining stations

Niigata SPN50-H.O

Movement: X=800mm, Y=750mm, Z=820mm
Palette: 500mm x 500mm, max. 600kg
Arbor: 35 8000r/min
Integrated automatic storage for 109 platforms
Bridgeport VMC-800/30

Movement: X=800mm, Y=510mm, Z=500mm
Arbor: 40 6000r/min
Working area: 1000 x 490mm, max. 750kg
Matsuura H.Plus 630

Landscape-arbored machining station
Movement: X=1050mm, Y=920mm, Z=870mm
Palette: 630 x 630mm, max. 600kg
Arbor: 012000r/min
Quaser MV204CP

Movement: X=1270mm, Y=700mm, Z=610mm
Arbor: 0-12 000r/min
Palette: 700 x 14 000mm, max. 1800kg
NC-Indexing table

Other machines

Amada hfa-250w
Industry robot Nachi/AX-SH133

Six axels, max work weight 133kg
Reach: R2654max R668min

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